The Tantillo and Allen groups welcome you to the first SYLICCO conference for faculty, postdocs, graduate students, undergraduates, and high school students interested in theoretical and computational chemistry and biology!


The conference will feature lectures by Claire Castro & William Karney, Eric Schwegler, Sami Bahmanyar and Ken Dill, as well as a poster session for students and postdocs doing computational research.

See the schedule of events below!

Admission is free and lunch will be served..



Additional Participants (RSVP'd their plans to attend)


Poster Presenters

Ruben Almaraz, UCD, Molecular Modeling of CUB Domains

Borislava Bekker, UCD, Effect of Membrane Properties on Ion Channel Functions

Matthew Brown, CSU Sacramento, DFT Computational Study of a Biomimetic Model for the Metalloenzyme Peptide Deformylase; poster prize winner

Rebecca Davis, UCD, Investigation into the Dyotropic Rearrangement of a Nitroso Acetal

Armando de Jesus, UCD, Investigating the Microscopic Origins and Energetics of Membrane-Protein Hydrophobic Mismatch; poster prize winner

Jayeeta Ghosh, UCD, Study of Glass Transition in bulk and under Confinement

Gregory A. Ho, UCD, Rethinking Aspernomine Biosynthesis

Young Hong, UCD, Quantum Chemical Studies on Trichodiene Biosynthesis: Interconversions of Bisabolyl to Cuprenyl Cations

Libo Li, UCD, Is Arginine Still Basic in Membranes?

Michael Lodewyk, UCD, Mechanistic Studies on Diazocinone-forming Cyclizations

David Mobely, UCSF, A Top-Down, Physics-Based Approach to Protein-Ligand Binding

Dustin H. Nouri, UCD, Ladderane Formation Mechanisms: The Uphill Battle

Matthew R. Siebert, UCD, Palladium(II)-Promoted Cope Rearrangement

Igor Vorobyov, UCD, The Energetics of Charged Protein Side Chain-Membrane Interactions Resolved by Molecular Dynamics and ab initio Calculations

Selina C. Wang, UCD, Mechanistic Studies on Molybdenum-Promoted Sigmatropic Rearrangements of Bicyclo[6.1.0]nona-2,4,6-triene Complexes

Dan Willenbring, UCD, Mechanistic Possibilities for Oxetane Formation in the Biosynthesis of Taxol's D Ring



Brianda Barrios, UCD Chemistry

Daniel Coming, UCD Computer Science

Silvia Crivelli, UCD Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization

Megan Danielewicz, UCD Chemistry

Youval Dar, UCD Physics

Davide Donadio, UCD Chemistry

Jay Erker, UCD Chemistry

Roland Faller, UCD Chemical Engineering

Benjamin Garman, UCD Chemistry

Benjamin Gherman, CSU Sacramento Chemistry

Bernd Hamann, UCD Computer Science

Justin Hammons, UCD

Jerry Hedrick, UCD Animal Science

Roger Jesinghaus, UCD Chemistry

Hongxing Lei, UCD Applied Science

Li Juan Lei, UCD Applied Science

Yan Li, UCD Chemistry

Haiguang Liu, UCD Applied Science

Deyu Lu, UCD Chemistry

Mark Mascal, UCD Chemistry

Evan J Olson, Central College, Pella, Iowa

Ben Samudio, UCD Chemistry

Xiaoyu Shi, UCD Chemistry

Michael Skaug, UCD Chemical Engineering

Alexei Stuchebrukhov, UCD Chemistry

Ryogo Sugitani, UCD Chemistry

Michael Toney, UCD Chemistry

Lisa Vancelette, UCD

Long Ye, UCD Chemistry


COSMOS participants

Matt Alvarado, Edith Canales, Derek Cheng, Michelle Chong, Anupriya Dayal, Jose Garcia, Fiona Georgakis, Sophia Ghaus, R. Ivan Hernandez, Grace Kim, Wing Lam, Shimwoo Lee, Samantha Meyer, Akhilesh Pathipati, Jason Zhang

Kelsey Buntjer (RA), Mike Smith (RA), Wayne Raymond (teacher fellow)


Pictures from the event!


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lunch and the poster session...