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R Bryan Miller

Professor Bryan Miller's pioneering efforts laid the groundwork for the current thriving research programs in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the Department of Chemistry at UC Davis.


SchreiberYoung Breslow

2016 Tom Hoye (U Minnesota)

2015 Laura Kiessling (U Wisconsin, Madison)

2014 Carolyn Bertozzi (UCB)

2013 Kendall Houk (UCLA)

"Congratulations on arranging such a great event!"

2012 JoAnne Stubbe (MIT)

"I had a wonderful experience, especially my interaction with the students and not to be missed, the outstanding lectures."

2011 Chi-Huey Wong (Academia Sinica Taipei)

2010 Christopher Walsh (Harvard Medical School)

“I was delighted to participate as plenary speaker in the R. Bryan Miller Symposium at UC Davis. The Scientific program lectures and the poster sessions were stimulating and the venue encouraged an interactive atmosphere for students, faculty and visitors for wide ranging discussions.”

2009 Stuart Schreiber (Broad Institute, Harvard/MIT)

“Bryan Miller was an inspirational figure for me as a scholar, teacher and citizen not only of UC Davis but of the larger chemistry community. I was deeply honored to be asked to speak at the Miller Symposium and thrilled to use the opportunity to see first hand the excellence of the trainees and faculty - and the spirit of UC Davis that Bryan so proudly nurtured.”

2008 Peter Dervan (CalTech)

2007 Ronald Breslow (Columbia University)

“I was enormously impressed by the great potential of the Davis campus and its Chemistry Department and greatly enjoyed my visit.”

2006 Robert Grubbs (CalTech)

2005 Madeleine Joullie (University of Pennsylvania)

2003 Larry Overman (UC Irvine)

“Bryan Miller’s significant research contributions ranged broadly from the stereocontrolled synthesis of vinyl halides to combinatorial chemistry and the total synthesis of the sesquiterpene lactones and aromatic alkaloids. His Scholarship, his devotion to teaching and mentoring played a key role in the development of organic chemistry at UC Davis. It is most fitting that his colleagues celebrate these contributions yearly with the R. Bryan Miller Symposium.”

2002 Clayton Heathcock (UC Berkeley)

“It was a real honor to be chosen to give the main lecture at the 2002 Miller Symposium. Bryan was a good friend throughout our UC careers and it give me pleasure to see what a prestigious event the Miller Symposium has become.”

2001 Steve Weinreb (Pennsylvania State University)

“I greatly appreciated the invitation to speak at the 2001 R. Bryan Miller Symposium since Bryan and I were postdocs together many years ago. It is gratifying that the single lecture format has now expanded into an outstanding two-day event honoring Bryan.”

2000 Gilbert Stork (Columbia University)


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The R Bryan Miller Memorial Symposium is sponsored by the UC Davis Department of Chemistry, and made possible through the continued support from industry and the generosity of private donors. All donors will be listed on the back of the Miller Symposium Program.

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