A look around Quincy ...



A young me, making a snow angel...



Two photos from my childhood - can you see why I chose to pursue science over athletics?



Me and my parents at the house in which I grew up...



My dog, Cliffy, ready to party...



Candlepin bowling - do you know what that is?



Scenes from the annual Goon Football game...


The Goons are proud graduates of Quincy High School.

Their claims to fame are:

al: "visited" saddam's palace

bob: has the world's biggest diploma

dan: lap's younger brother

dean: not quick, but sudden

fahey: dean's nemesis

fratt: quincy girls used to think he was cute

henly: has diplomatic immunity

jay: stickball wizard

lap: el gran bufone

matt: lap's uncle

sully: likes donuts



My sister and I posing with butterflies at Boston's Museum of Science...