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Parker, David (Durham)

Pauling, Linus (Caltech, Nobelist)

Perutz, Max (MRC, Nobelist)

Perutz, Max (MRC, Nobelist, with Queen Elizabeth II)

Perutz, Max; Bernal, J. D. & Crick, Francis (MRC)

Perutz, Max & Kendrew, John (MRC, Nobelists)

Pookie (UCLA, visiting scholar)

Raptis, Raphael (Puerto Rico)

Ratner, Mark (Northwestern)

Raucher, Stanley (Washington U)

Rausch, Marvin (UMass Amherst)

Rees, Charles (Imperial College)

Romo, Daniel (Texas A&M)

Rubin, Yves (UCLA)

Saltiel, Jack (Florida St.)

Sanger, Frederick (Cambridge, Nobelist)

Sardella, Dennis (Boston College)

Scheraga, Harold (Cornell)

Schleyer group member (Georgia)

Schlick, Tamar (New York University)

Schmid, Carl (UC Davis)

Schon, Hendrik & Bao, Zhenan (Bell Labs)

Scott, Larry (Boston College)

Sessler, Jonathan (UT Austin)

Shair, Matt (Harvard)

Sharpless, Barry (Scripps, Nobelist)

Sharpless, Knowles & Noyori (Nobelists)

Shea, Kenneth (UC Irvine)

Sherman, John (British Columbia)

Siefert, Karlheinz (Bayreuth)

Siegel, Jay (UC San Diego)

Sigman, Dave (UCLA)

Smalley, Richard (Rice)

Snapper, Marc (Boston College)

Song, Chunshan (Penn State)

Staudinger, Hermann (Freiburg, Nobelist)

Stevens, Eugene (SUNY Binghamton)

Stoddart, Fraser & Heath, James (UCLA)

Swanson, Anne (Sonoma State)

Switzer, Chris (UC Riverside)

Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah (Nevada, Reno)

Tantillo, Dean (UC Davis)

Terasaki, Osamu (Tohoku, with Zheng Liu & Tetsu Ohsuna)

Trueblood, Ken (UCLA)

Todd, Alexander (Cambridge, with Princess Margaret)

Turro, Nick (Columbia)

Unverzagt, Carlo (Bayreuth)

Usher, David (Cornell)

Van Zandt, Michael (Institute for Diabetes Discovery)

Vite, Greg (Bristol-Myers Squibb, w/ R. Borzilleri and S. Kim)

Votle, Fritz (Kekule Institute, Bonn)

Wagner, Peter (Michigan State)

Watson, Jim (Nobelist)

Watson, Jim & Crick, Francis (Nobelists)

for more DNA pictures, click here.

Weber, Ann (Merck)

Weisman, Bruce (Rice)

Weisz, Paul (Mobile, Penn)

Wender, Paul (Stanford)

West, Robert (Madison)

Westheimer, Frank (Harvard)

Widom, Ben (Cornell)

Williams, David (Indiana)

Williams, John (Temple)

Williard, Paul (Brown)

Wood, John (Yale)

Woodward, R. B. (Harvard, Nobelist)

Yamamoto, Kana (Sloan-Kettering)

Yang, Dan (Hong Kong)

Yee, Gordon (Virginia Tech)

Zettl, Alex (UC Berkeley)

Zhang, Xumu (Penn St.)



Running totals...


The models

Total chemists: 205

Nobel Laureates: 26

Women: 33

Royalty: 2

Bears: 2

Babies: 1

Fashion choices

Wearing glasses: 99

Guys in ties: 67

Beards or mustaches or both: 33


In front of a bookshelf: 38

At a desk: 51

In front of a black (or white) board: 21

In a wet lab: 12

At home: 10

Actually outside: 6



Their models:


Space filling: 63

Ball and stick: 76

Legos: 1


Natural products and drugs: 64

Carcerands, calixarenes, and other synthetic hosts: 25

Bucky balls, bowls, and tubes: 25

DNA: 26

Proteins: 12

Stuffed zeolites and the like: 19


Note: These totals may or may not actually be correct due to the combination of image resolution problems and my really bad vision.


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Other goodies...


Click here for a work of art created from some of these images.


A sculpture photographed by Magdolna Hargittai:


A model of glycine hanging in the Science Center at Harvard:


The gate in front of the "Class of 1954 Chemical Research Building" at Yale (courtesy of Mike McBride):

here are some closeups (can you read the message?):


A cartoon from the second edition of Hill and Feigl's Chemistry and Life:


The Watson-Crick model sans Watson and Crick:


Some of Pauling's models.


The following people are acknowledged for their suggestions, donations, and willingess to play along:

Corrie Kuniyoshi, Sami Bahmanyar, Erick Co, Bruce Hietbrink, Ken Houk, and Mihaela Bojin





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