Dean Tantillo, principal investigator

current project(s): weird, wild stuff

"joined" the group: July, 2003


Young Hong, Assistant Project Scientist (previously: PhD 2008, postdoc)

current project(s): terpene biosynthesis, Au catalysis

joined the group: September, 2005 (grad); June, 2009 (postdoc); July 2011 (Assistant Project Scientist)

dissertation title: Mechanistic Studies on Carbocation Cascades in the Biosynthesis of Terpene Natural Products


Nhu Nguyen, graduate student (previously: undergrad)

current project(s): automated docking, terpene biosynthesis

joined the group: July, 2011 (undergrad); January, 2013 (grad)




Terrence O'Brien, graduate student (joint with Siegel)

current project(s): biosynthesis

joined the group: January, 2013




Stephanie Hare, graduate student

current project(s): sulfur as a lone pair acceptor, catalysis

joined the group: January, 2014




Bronwyn/Alaska Harrod, graduate student

current project(s): dynamic effects, computational NMR

joined the group: August, 2014




Christina McCully, graduate student

current project(s): sigmatropic shifts

joined the group: January, 2015




Carla Saunders, graduate student

current project(s): NMR computations

joined the group: September, 2016




Innes Tsui, graduate student

current project(s): bifurcations

joined the group: January, 2017




Tiffy Zhang, graduate student (joint with Siegel)

current project(s): terpene synthases

joined the group: January, 2017




Chris Hamann, visiting scientist (from Albright College)

in the group: January, 2008 to July, 2008; June 2009 to July, 2009; July 2010, July 2011, etc., etc., etc.

project(s): macrocycle conformations




Paul Wendelboe, undergrad

current project(s): pericyclic reactions, lactone formation

joined the group: June, 2014



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