We carry out computations on a variety of reactions involving carbenes, both "free" and metal complexed.

Hare, S.; Orman, M.; Dewan, F.; Dalchand, E.; Buzard, C.; Ahmed, S.; Tolentino, J. C.; Sethi, U.; Terlizzi, K.; Houferak, C.; Stein, A. M.; Stedronsky, A.; Thamattoor, D. M.; Tantillo, D. J.; Merrer, D. C. J. Org. Chem. 2015,80, 5049-5065: "Experimental and Computational Mechanistic Investigation of Chlorocarbene Additions to Bridgehead Carbene-anti-Bredt Systems: Noradamantylcarbene-Adamantene and Adamantylcarbene-Homoadamantene"




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